The Complete Guide To Buying The Cure Company Products At DTPG

By Downtown Patient Group Wednesday November 10th, 2021
The Complete Guide To Buying The Cure Company Products At DTPG

At Downtown Patient Group (DTPG), we have a firm dedication to providing our customers with the most premium cannabis brands and products in the state of California. Our shelves are stocked with nearly every form of cannabis from numerous top-notch brands. One brand that our customers consistently come back for at DTPG is The Cure Company.

The Cure Company is one of the oldest legal cannabis brands, growing legal weed since 1996. As original pioneers in California’s legal cannabis market, The Cure Company has some of the most potent and original genetics on the West Coast. Their two-story seed-to-sale cannabis facility in LA’s Arts District is home to countless coveted strains, many of which have cult-like followings.

The Cure Company has received stamps of approval from some of the most iconic figures in music and pop culture. They are the only company to collaborate with the late Nipsey Hussle on his hand-picked Marathon OG strain, which has quickly become a cannasseur go-to. Between this coveted strain and many more, there is sure to be a Cure Company option for you at DTPG. 

Here are some of the most popular cannabis products by The Cure Company that are available at DTPG in Los Angeles.


Marathon OG

As mentioned earlier, this indica-dominant hybrid strain is hand-picked by the late Nipsey Hussle himself and cultivated in The Cure Company’s state-of-the-art facility. Marathon OG may put the brakes on a less experienced toker, but daily stoners find this to be a potentially energizing strain that may fuel them up for the day. The potentially relaxing side of its Kush lineage might balance out the energizing effects.

Marathon OG’s carefully crafted genetics create a consistently high-quality product that we are honored to offer at DTPG. It is available in eighths of whole flower. Due to this being one of our most popular strains, we strive to consistently keep this strain in stock for our customers.


The Curelato strain is another Cure Co cultivar that has proven its popularity since we’ve begun offering it at DTPG. This is certainly not surprising due to it being a cross of two beloved strains, Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbert, and also an exclusive pheno of Gelato #33. Combined, these genetics form a balanced hybrid blend that may be a perfect companion during the day. The potential uplifting head rush may boost productivity and creativity, making it a go-to for busy stoners in creative fields. Alongside its possible energizing effects, Curelato has the potential to relax the body no matter how active you may be.

Curelato can be purchased from DTPG in jars containing an eighth of whole flower, as well as one gram prerolls. This is also another Cure Co strain that we consistently keep in stock. 


One of our newest Cure Company offerings at DTPG is the highly potent Fritz strain, coming in at around 33.8% THC. This indica-dominant hybrid strain is a cross between Bubba Kush and Animal Mints. Pulling from its Kush genetics, Fritz has the potential to provide a full-body calming effect that might relieve tension. Alongside, the Animal Mints works to possibly relieve stress and worries from even the busiest of minds. This could be the perfect go-to strain for before a meal, or conversely, a great strain to assist you around bedtime.

We offer The Cure Company’s entire Fritz strain line at Downtown Patient Group in LA, including Biscotti Fritz and Miami Fritz. You can find each of these Fritz strains available as eighths of premium whole flower and 5G Smalls. 

5G Smalls

Aside from their premium whole buds, The Cure Company offers their exclusive strains in various other forms for any consumption preference. If you want more flower to roll up, Cure Co’s 5G Smalls may be right up your alley. You’ll get more bang for your buck while still enjoying the same beloved genetics and five grams of Smalls flower. 

If you’re a fan of Cure Co’s famous strain library such as Bacio, Mochaccino, and Kinglato, you will be happy to hear that all of these, and more, are available in 5G Smalls form. 

Pre-Rolls & Blunts

For a more convenient experience, our 1G pre-rolls are the move. Whether you enjoy a classic joint or prefer something a little fancier, we have you covered with our variety of pre-rolls. Each pre-roll is made from Cure Co’s premium, indoor-grown whole flower.

Lifts Pre-Rolls

The Cure Company’s Lifts Pre-Rolls have proven to be a customer favorite, so we always make sure to keep them in stock at DTPG. These pre-roll packs are available as sativa, indica, or hybrid, and each contains five joints totaling 3.5 grams.


For those looking for pre-rolls that pack more of a punch, The Cure Company’s Packwoods are an exciting choice. Two grams of premium Cure Co flower, ¼ gram of THC sauce, and ¼ gram of kief make up this highly potent product. Finished with a blunt wrap and glass tip, these wraps are undoubtedly one of our most premium pre-roll options at DTPG. They recently came together with Packwoods again to release their famous Curelato strain.

The Cure Company x GRAV - Curelato Strain Drop

GRAV Glass Pre-rolls

Another great Cure Company option at DTPG is their Glass Pre-rolls in collaboration with GRAV. What makes these pre-rolls especially special is the glass surrounding the premium bud, rather than paper. Each pack contains seven glass pre-rolls that each contain half a gram each, totaling 3.5 grams. Even better, you can find this adored product in one of Cure Co’s most popular strains, Curelato.




At DTPG, we offer a couple of forms of cannabis concentrates from The Cure Company. Crafted from their famous genetics, The Cure Co’s sauce packs a punch in a highly concentrated form. Cure Co’s sticky and potent extract, rich in terpenes and bursting with flavor, is packaged in a small jar containing one gram of oil. A popular strain offered in this form is Sherb Mints, a hybrid cross between Sunset Sherbert and Kush Mints.


While sauce may be a great first choice when trying cannabis concentrates for the first time, diamonds are the next step up. Frequent dabbers have made this form of THC oil their go-to and for good reasons. Drenched in sauce, refined THCA crystals are formed through the extraction process as a result of various pressures and temperatures. This is likely one of the smoothest forms of cannabis concentrates and an absolute pleasure when flowing through your rig. Moreover, you’ll find this extract in the beloved Curelato at DTPG.


If you’re looking for something more convenient than a gram of sauce, cartridges are most definitely the move. At DTPG, we offer many of Cure Company’s exclusive strains in their one gram cartridges. This product contains 1,000mg of cannabis oil packaged in a convenient cartridge that works with most vape pen batteries. Just a few percentages away from 100% pure cannabis oil, these carts sit around 96% total cannabinoids. Proceed with caution if you’re trying vaping for the first time, these are seriously potent!

Their distillate cartridges are available in various strains at DTPG. Some of these premium strains include Diablo OG, Grape Soda, The Real OG, Mochi, and Kool Mintz.

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