The Cure Company x GRAV – Curelato Strain Drop

By Downtown Patient Group Monday May 10th, 2021
The Cure Company x GRAV - Curelato Strain Drop

The Cure Company is always looking for new and inventive ways to deliver their award-winning strains to their fans. Recently, they’ve partnered up with GRAV, the leader in handcrafted glass smoking accessories, to create a limited number of pre-filled glass joints. Glass provides a more pure representation of their strains than your traditional paper pre-rolls.

“We chose to partner with The Cure Company because of their history in the industry and the fact that they are absolute masters of their craft,” said David Daily, founder, and CEO of GRAV. “The flower cultivated by The Cure Company is truly a work of art that we are proud to showcase inside GRAV glass joints.”

The Cure Company x GRAV Glass Joints come with seven pre-filled tubes (0.5g/each) totaling one-eighth of high-quality flower cultivated by The Cure Company in downtown LA. Each pack comes with a borosilicate glass mouthpiece adapter that is used to smoke each of the seven GRAV flower cartridges. We recommend cleaning the mouthpiece adapter with isopropyl alcohol after one or more uses to keep the flavor fresh. Slide the silicone grommet off of the mouthpiece before cleaning.

Curelato Strain

(25.68%% THC, 0.06% CBD, 29.92% THCAThe Cure Company’s exclusive and award-winning Curelato strain is the first to hit the market for this limited run of Glass Joints. A decadent cross between Gelato #1 and Legend Orange Apricot, this bright purple hybrid reeks of pine, mint, spice, and sweetness. Cannasseurs across California have been reaching for this potentially relaxing and euphoric strain. At the 2021 High Times Cannabis Cup, the Curelato strain is currently being considered for the “Best Hybrid” category. This exotic strain was the obvious first choice for their limited run of Glass Joints with GRAV.

How It Works

If you’ve just picked up a 7-pack of our Curelato Glass Joints you may be wondering how to operate the GRAV glass pieces. First, slide your silicone grommet down to the edge of the mouthpiece adapter. Then, peel the cap from one end of your GRAV flower cartridge and insert it into the mouthpiece adapter, pushing the grommet down onto the cartridge. Finally, pull off the second cap on your flower cartridge and light it up! Push the glass mouthpiece into the cartridge to clear the ash. It’s that simple!

Exclusive Retail Locations

The first wave of The Cure Company x GRAV Glass Joints ($50) can be found while supplies last at their three retail locations throughout Los Angeles. Visit Downtown Patient Group (DTPG,) City Compassionate Caregivers (CCC,) and Originals Factory & Weed Shop to find these limited-run Glass Joints. Check our online menu and consider calling ahead to check product availability.

Downtown Patient Group

930 S. Alameda Street

Los Angeles, CA 90021

City Compassionate Caregivers

2235 E. 7th Street,

Los Angeles, CA 90023

Originals Factory & Weed Shop

6500 Stanford Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90001