Seed Junky Genetics Guide: Game-Changing Cannabis Flower at DTPG

By Downtown Patient Group Tuesday December 28th, 2021
Seed Junky Genetics Guide: Game-Changing Cannabis Flower at DTPG

If you are a flavor chaser like us then you already know Seed Junky Genetics. They have produced some of the top strains in the industry from the early 2000s on. Every true cannasseur knows that Seed Junky is the premier name in premium indoor flower and game-changing genetics. We’re excited to highlight some of the best we have right now on the DTPG menu from Seed Junky. Each pack is bursting with real original flavor and intense aromas.

Pheno-hunting isn’t a game to Seed Junky. They prioritize finding the best of the best in terms of genetics, flavor, aroma, and terpene profiles. This way, they’re always bringing something new to the table and effectively setting trends. Their newest endeavor has taken them even higher with the ability to produce genetics for growers across the country.

We’ve partnered with Seed Junky to bring some of the most iconic West Coast flavors to the shelves of DTPG. Check out some personal picks below, visit our menu, and follow us on Instagram to find out about the next Seed Junky drop.

Purple Push Pop

Purple Push Pop matches berry flavor with creamy essence to bring you a delightfully fruity flower. Seed Junky uses its superior genetics to produce this high-powered strain. Purple Push Pop has a high-THC count at around 24% THC. This means that this strain has the potency to match its terpene profile. It has a distinctly smooth smoke that has a sugary sweet aroma. Purple Push Pop also has hints of cream in its flavor profile. The combination of cream and berries might enrich the potentially relaxing and uplifting effects of this strain.

Pineapple Fruz

Pineapple Fruz is the perfect afternoon delight. This potent strain from Seed Junky is an original flower flavor made up of hard-hitting terpenes and high cannabinoid counts. The combination of its fruity, tropical flavor, and gassy aromas gives your taste buds a treat. Although it is a well-balanced flower, it might have a potent sedative effect that may be best enjoyed in the evenings. Medical users might enjoy this strain for potentially alleviating stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Animal Face

Animal Face is a legendary hybrid strain that’s made from crossing Face Off OG with Animal Mints. When Seed Junky Genetics brought this strain to life they were able to match potency with memorable flavors and aromas. You’ll notice the incredible smoothness of each hit that shows off pine, gas, and subtle sweet cookie flavors. A few hits might send you into a deep, body-numbing high that is purely blissful. Seed Junky brought together two famous California strains to make a sinfully delicious offering that might combat stress and anxiety.

Ice Cream Cake

Arguably one of the top three strains in California, Ice Cream Cake is another invention from Seed Junky Genetics. This potentially sedative indica strain comes from crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato #33. Known for its decadent flavor profile that shows off notes of doughy cream and sugary vanilla, Ice Cream Cake is a favorite on the West Coast. The icy trichome layer on top of these flashy green and purple nugs lets you know that this strain is like a gourmet dessert. With a potency to rival its outstanding flavor, this strain might provide calming effects that ease pain, lessen anxiety, or help you sleep.

You’ll find some of our favorite Seed Junky strains available on the DTPG menu. You can also check out their website for more information on their exclusive drops, or follow us on social media to see when we get our next pack in. Seed Junky produces some of the top genetics across the country. Their flavorful flower makes a welcome addition to DTPG.

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