Guide To The Best-Selling Affordable Cannabis Brands At DTPG

By Downtown Patient Group Tuesday October 5th, 2021
Guide To The Best-Selling Affordable Cannabis Brands At DTPG

After a summer of fun, we’ve compiled the best of the best sellers from our menu at DTPG. You can always find a rotating collection of products available at DTPG on our online menu. Though we carry the biggest names in California cannabis, we offer a diverse product selection that fits each budget. Each of these brands goes above and beyond to provide outstanding products for accessible prices. From flower to vapes, edibles, and concentrates, here’s our comprehensive list of the best-selling affordable cannabis brands we’re proud to partner with.



The Cure Company 

A household name in California, The Cure Company produces some of the best genetics in the game today. With its award-winning and well known Marathon OG, The Cure Company is a stand out in the industry for their focus on quality genetics that are accessible for all. Each plant is grown to full potential and harvested at The Cure Company’s grow in LA’s Arts District. Without missing the mark, The Cure Company has been growing consistently rare genetics since 1996. With products available in Northern and Southern California, this brand is one of the leading producers in the state.

We’re proud to be your source for your favorite Cure Company strains like Marathon OG, Curelato, the Fritz, and more. Their Marathon OG strain was made in collaboration with the late Nipsey Hussle. It is the king of sweet, piney, and gassy OG flavors and potentially soothing highs any regular smoker needs.

Guide To The Best-Selling Affordable Cannabis Brands At DTPG


Built on a desire to bring elite genetics to California, Cannabiotix delivers powerful and potent harvests. Merging science and sustainability, Cannabiotix is an innovator in the industry. With their clean and natural farming techniques to the exclusive strains created in-house, they have developed a model for award-winning genetics. Using one-of-a-kind harvesting and cultivation, Cannabiotix brings us the best of the best in their original, in-house strains.

Customers always come back for their popular Cereal Milk strain. As the name implies, the strain has deliciously sweet cereal and ice cream notes and comes from crossing Y Life with Snowman. This sativa-dominant hybrid might produce an enlivening high that washes away stress.


When you talk about originals in the cannabis industry, few have been around as long as Wonderbrett. Starting their lifestyle cannabis brand in 1997, the two founders developed a west coast aesthetic that was appealing to a wide variety of cannabis enthusiasts. Bringing the past to the present with their cultivation gives us a hand-crafted experience that is set in tradition.

With a focus on not only the cannabis industry but also the impact on the state as a whole, Wonderbrett matches their desire to do good with high-quality strains and community outreach. Our customers’ favorite strains from Wonderbrett we currently carry include Peach OZ, Pink Picasso, and Black Orchid. Each of these premium eighths is only $50 before tax.



Founded in 2017 but quick to become a favorite of regulars and beginners alike, STIIIZY offers quality vape products and an innovative menu. They create everything from OG Pods, Cannabis-Derived Terpenes to Live Resin Pods, and disposables. STIIIZY is one to watch for its commitment to bringing new flavors and a unique experience to the vaping community. With their CDT pods, you can find your favorite single-sourced flavors with a balance between taste and potency.

Live Resin Pods offer you the authentic flavor experience while still delivering a clean, full-spectrum extract. In the OG pods, STIIIZY shows us you don’t have to trade taste for experience. With quality extraction preserving the flavor profile you are only getting the most balanced natural flavors with your STIIIZY pods, making them a brand we’ve quickly fallen in love with. Right now, our customers are reaching for their Birthday Cake Premium 1G THC POD for its deliciously sweet flavors. The high from this hybrid might take the edge off and lift your spirits throughout the day. The full gram Pod is only $40 before tax.

PLUGplay Brand Guide: Exotic Flower, Flavorful Vape Pods, and Powerful Battery Kits At DTPG


PLUGPlay doesn’t just talk the talk, they follow through on a commitment to provide you only powerful, high caliber distillates in unique flavors that are accessible to more people. At Downtown Patient Group you can find full PLUG kits including their 500mAh battery, giving you a longer charge for more uses, with less downtime. Whether you are looking for a starter kit or need a refill for your Plug, you’re sure to find a strain that works for you. 

With their high standards of quality control and years of testing, you can trust that no matter what product you pick, you are sure to find exceptionally potent extracts. Focusing on a promise to bring openness and accessibility to the cannabis industry, PlugPlay puts major emphasis on original genetics that is innovative and exciting while remaining patient-focused. Right now, we’re selling a lot of their Lucid Dream LIVEST 1G Pod. This earthy and loud Pod might fuel creativity and produce a pleasant euphoria for $40 before tax.

Raw Garden Guide: Refined Live Resin Vapes, Disposables, and Premium Concentrates At DTPG

Raw Garden

Raw Garden has been a proud feature with DTPG for their Clean Green certified cannabis oils and commitment to keeping the industry clean inside and out, both with their products and their practices. They have plenty of room to boast about their genetics and their harvesting because their process is second to none, which has kept them at the top in California. With great flavor comes great genetics and unique harvesting; including a cryogenic freezing process, you can know that you are getting the best potency and flavor from the whole plant, leaving no terp untouched.

Raw Garden uses their knowledge of the plant structure to ensure no part is wasted and uses their state-of-the-art science and research to evolve and develop their processes to adapt in a market that can change at any moment. For Raw Garden, making sure that the flavor and potency of their products have no competition means a  freezing process that captures all of the cannabinoids and terpenes. By leaving out additives, they ensure that the whole plant serves its purpose.


Smokiez Edibles Guide: Sweet And Sour Small-Batch Edibles At DTPG


When Smokiez says, “NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUMMY, they mean it. Each piece from their 100mg Fruit Chew packs is thoughtfully crafted. Small batches and small packages open to big flavor and delicious distillate you won’t want to miss out on. With a commitment to being above average, each of the five flavors has its fans. From sweet to sour and tropical tastes to peachy perfection, the cannabis industry has a country-wide best-kept secret.

Open up and indulge in your new favorite flavors found at Downtown Patient Group. Impressive and dynamic, each flavor has the right dosage to keep you munching on the Fruit Chews all day long. Because each Fruit Chew is individually dosed you can control your experience and decide what level you want to go to. Each of their delicious products is only $16-20 before tax.


Winning awards for both CBD and THC syrups, Cannavis is a stand-out in the edible industry. With all-natural options, including Gluten Free and sugar-free, there are many ways to indulge with Cannavis. Infusing your food and drinks just got easier with flavorful options to help you dose responsibly. Bringing versatility to the infused market through their process of cultivation, harvesting, and extracting to deliver clean products for medical and recreational patients. The most popular flavor we carry right now is their 1,000mg Berry-Cherry THC Syrup Tincture for $55 before tax.

Manzanita Naturals 

Infusing isn’t just for food. Manzanita Naturals brings you top-tier tinctures in infused beverages with both CBD and THC options. With their main ideals being Quality, Innovation, and Craftsmanship, Manzanita Naturals is a brand we’re proud to carry. They have quickly become one of our most popular and affordable infused beverage options. Customers love their Kwik Ease shots and The Fizz Sparkling Waters that only range from $5-$12 before tax.


Rosin Tech Labs 

From award-winning cannabis to award-winning extracts, Rosin Tech Labs has room to brag. A core desire to bring you clean, purely potent extracts mean a commitment to the process. With a solventless extraction process that can’t be beaten, Rosin Tech Labs is your source for Live Resins and Ice Hash at DTPG. The current favorite at DTPG is their DOZIZOZ #5 Fresh Pressed Live Rosin for $90 before tax. This delicious combination of Dosidos x Zkittlez will provide plenty of sugary sweet and gassy terps and a potentially flooring euphoric high.

COLDFIRE Extracts 

With a motto like “Flavor speaks louder than words” COLDFIRE Extracts brings the heat with their products. You can trust that from harvest to extraction COLDFIRE is delivering the best of the best of concentrates with their Badder and Live Diamond Sauce. Opening up a world of possibilities for the future of extraction, their process captures the terpenes at below -100 degrees. This expertly preserves them to bring out only the most aromatic concentrates. Right now, we’re all about their Amnesia Cookies 1G Live Diamond Sauce (Live Resin.) A perfect blend of gasoline and cookies, this strain might produce palpable relaxation and stress relief for only $44.50 before tax.

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