PLUGplay Brand Guide: Exotic Flower, Flavorful Vape Pods, and Powerful Battery Kits At DTPG

By Downtown Patient Group Friday October 1st, 2021
PLUGplay Brand Guide: Exotic Flower, Flavorful Vape Pods, and Powerful Battery Kits At DTPG

PLUGplay doesn’t just talk the talk, they follow through on a commitment to provide you only powerful, high caliber distillates and live resins in unique flavors that are accessible for more people. At Downtown Patient Group, you can find full PLUG kits including their 500mAh battery, giving you a longer charge for more uses, with less downtime. 

Whether you are looking for a starter kit or need a refill for your PLUG, you’re sure to find a strain that works for you. With their high standards of quality control and years of testing, you can trust that no matter what product you pick you are sure to find exceptionally potent extracts. Focusing on a promise to bring openness and accessibility to the cannabis industry, PLUGPlay puts major emphasis on original genetics that are innovative and exciting while remaining patient-focused. 

After two years of testing and brand development, the founders at PLUGplay launched their innovative products in 2017. They changed the landscape of the portable vape industry with discreet and comfortable batteries that last you over 350 puffs. With a simple but incredibly hands-on process, PLUGplay is able to put out only the best genetics, handpicked for you. From visiting local farms, hand-picking the flower, to packaging, and arriving on shelves; each step of the PLUGplay process has every aspect of your experience in mind. 

What does that experience look like? A 350 plus puff per charge guarantee on their high-powered battery, giving you discreet but powerful vaping. We carry a variety of colors for their battery kits that only cost $25 before tax. PLUGplay boasts high potency and delicious flavors, original strains, and partnerships with top cultivators across California. From PLUG PACKS to their original strains in PLUG DNA and more, there is a product with your name on it. Next time you’re at DTPG, we can help you find the perfect fit but until then here’s a guide to your PLUGplay experience. 

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Unique and bold, PLUG PACKS feature lines of flower sourced straight from top cultivators across California. With the desire to always bring you the highest-grade oil, PlugPlay has partnered with top experts in their areas to provide hand-selected strains. The process includes finding top producing farms, selecting the freshest flower, then packaging and making it available for patients like you. It sounds simple, but with their commitment to being patient first, it takes an understanding of the industry that has taken almost two years to research and development. From that R&D comes top-shelf strains for you to enjoy. The current PLUG PACKS strains we carry at DTPG are only $40 before tax.

PLUG PACKS: Grape Vinez 

Potentially transporting you to relaxation station, Grape Vinez is an indica dominant hybrid any daily smoker will love. This strain might be perfect for letting go of stress after a long day. With earthy, aromatic flavors and a heavy afterglow, you’re getting the best of both worlds with this indica dominant hybrid. If you’re looking to unwind and de-stress, Grape Vinez might provide the chill you need.

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 When you’re looking for a well-balanced, pungent product PLUGplay has other vape products beat. With a clear understanding of balance, taste, and potency, the PLUG EXOTICS line offers you unique and infused flavors for every taste. Starting with high potency harvests and infusing them with unique and creative flavors. PLUG EXOTICS offers you a chance to sample something special for only $50 before tax.


You can find original strains like thatJUICE to give you fruity, yet tart tastes that might help energize your day. thatJUICE can potentially alleviate those end-of-summer depression days to get you by, leaving you uplifted and positive. PLUGplay came correct with this 50/50 hybrid. thatJUICE Gives you notes of citrus and a juicy orange in every hit, this pod might wash away stress and provide a euphoric mental buzz. 



Bringing you a new way to vape is PLUGplay’s DNA line of top-tier original strains. With options for Daytime, Nighttime, or Anytime, these pods might give you something to get you through any part of your day. Some of the strains they feature are completely original, while others are their take on iconic classics. There’s a flavor for everyone with PLUG DNA, and DTPG has the widest range of options in LA. Each pod comes with 1 full gram of oil for $40-50 before tax.

Train Wreck Strain

With their classic sativa pods like Train Wreck, PLUGplay brings the brightness out in any morning. Boasting floral flavors mixed with a sweet and syrupy smell, this strain might uplift your day and put a smile on your face. Trainwreck is a legendary sativa strain that might Boost your energy and fight fatigue while improving your mood. PLUGplay brings the heat with their Train Wreck pod, and fans of the flower will not be disappointed.

King Louie Strain

When you’ve spent your day getting stuff done and need to take a break; PLUGplay has got your back with their potent and popular Indica dominant Nighttime strains like King Louie. Blending zest and pungent potency, it’s no wonder why King Louie has remained a fan favorite for OG-lovers everywhere. A few puffs might leave you feeling relaxed while delivering a punch of piney, earthy, and tart lemon flavors. King Louie might also alleviate issues with loss of appetite and anxiety. 

Girl Scout Cookies Strain 

PLUGplay is prepared with top-tier 50/50 hybrid strains ready to help you anytime, anywhere. With a name like Girl Scout Cookies, it’s no surprise this strain promises users a potentially euphoric experience and delivers. With notes of pine and cookies, PLUGplay brought out the best in this sought-after strain. GSC might deliver a high that’s mentally buzzing, but still ultimately relaxation-inducing. Girl Scout Cookies is a West Coast cultivar you know and trust. The award-winning genetics and quality mean you get a clean, authentic GSC flavor every time. 


When PLUGPlay says fresh, they mean it with every product. Their LIVEST strains are picked at the peak of harvest and flash-frozen to preserve every potent profile. With LIVEST you get clear, tasty flavors and full-spectrum potency that packs a real punch. Preserving the best flower profiles from top harvests and flash freezing them at their peak means you get only the most unique flavors and the highest quality live resin.

Lucid Dream 

Lucid Dream brings out the best of both worlds with its earthy aroma and in your face, loud flavor. From LIVEST, top flowers are used to produce these heavy-hitting live resin strains. Giving you the boost you need to be productive this strain is all about offering highly potent pods. Giving you notes of sweet fruit paired with an earthy warmth, this over-the-top strain combines Blue Dream with Amnesia Haze. Bring out the funk and get your creative juices flowing easily. As a sativa dominant this Lucid Dream will have you on cloud nine while still full of energy.

Visit Downtown Patient Group in LA for the most diverse array of PLUGplay flower, vape pods, and batteries. Shop online or call ahead to see what we have in stock. DTPG is one of the few dispensaries in Downtown LA that carries their entire product line. Don’t miss their next drop, visit our website now.

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