The Complete Guide To Buying Originals Cannabis Products At DTPG

By Downtown Patient Group Sunday January 9th, 2022
The Complete Guide To Buying Originals Cannabis Products At DTPG

Originals have their name for a reason. They are one of THE original purveyors of cannabis products across California. Los Angeles natives, Originals is a family-owned brand that’s been serving LA since 2006. Their team has a combined experience of over 100 years in cultivation. All of their flower is grown indoors at their Originals Factory & Weed Shop in the heart of LA. DTPG works closely with the team at Originals to curate their latest and greatest products.

Originals strive to elevate California cannabis with original, potent cuts of incredible strains. They have an unwavering commitment to providing consumers with the best cannabis cultivated by hand. We’ve brought together some of our favorites currently available on our menu. Check back regularly to get your hands on the freshest drops from Originals at Downtown Patient Group. We are one of the few retailers that carry their new line of top-shelf pre-rolls.

King Louie

King Louie is a cultivar straight from the minds of Originals Family Farms. It is undisputed as one of the most legendary OG strains around. It has a rich profile thanks to its trichome-heavy buds. Most find that King Louie might offer a sleepy head high with a body melting buzz. Smoking this strain might also alleviate your symptoms of insomnia and stress. It has a bright citrus nose with a tart grape and diesel flavor. King Louie is a staple on the shelves of DTPG.


A cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC, Originals’ Gelato is arguably the best cut in California. Known for potentially producing euphoric highs and heavily sedative effects, their Gelato lives up to the hype and then some. As the name suggests, this strain reeks of dessert-like aromas that come across sweet, fruity, doughy, and earthy. Coming straight from their state-of-the-art indoor grow in downtown Los Angeles, this might be the freshest batch of Gelato you can find in LA for the best price.

Oakstradam OG

Oakstradam OG is a California-grown strain straight from some of the best minds in cannabis. Coming from Originals, Oakstradam is a potently sweet and potentially stress-relieving strain. Its heavy Indica profile might promote pain relief in users as well as exhilarating happiness. Oakstradam has a tart, sour lemon scent along with a fresh pine smell. The combination of aromas creates a sweet, earthy fragrance. It offers a diverse collection of terpene profiles thanks to its storied history and creation. Originally created by California’s first Cannabis College, Oaksterdam University, Oakstradam OG is a tribute to the power of quality genetics.

Originals OG

Originals OG might be the ideal strain for tapping into your creative side. As an Indica leaning hybrid, it might open up your mind and body for the ultimate relaxation. Originals OG may start as an easy-going head high before traveling down to a calming body high. It is potentially perfect for reconnecting with your mind and body while feeling happy and hopeful. Originals OG has a slightly sour and truly skunky aroma. It offers bright citrus and spicy earth flavor. If you’re looking for an original OG aroma, Originals OG has you covered.

Royal Blunts Gelato Pre-Roll

The Royal Blunts Gelato Pre-Roll has the perfect potent punch for individual enjoyment. Each 1.5G pre-roll comes with a glass tip for an even smoother smoking experience. Gelato is a well-known cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Its crosses help to give Gelato its creamy aroma and smooth smoke. Gelato has a noticeable berry flavor that matches its creamy intensity. This strain from Originals tastes like a warm piece of pie with a perfect scoop of ice cream. Their Gelato Pre-Roll is just right for enjoying in one sitting to potentially get a solid dose of uplifting, euphoric pleasure.

Originals 1G Pre-Rolls NOW AVAILABLE

Originals is now producing a one-gram pre-roll line that only needs one ingredient: premium indoor flower. If you’re always on the hunt for a pre-roll that matches the flavor of the premium 8ths it comes from—these are them. Ask a budtender about these new flavorful, exclusive, and highly potent pre-rolls on your next visit. They currently come in singles or three packs and are only available at DTPG, Originals, and CCC.

For all of the newest and freshest products from Originals, look no further than DTPG. We work closely with Originals to ensure we carry only the best of the best from their famous strain library. Visit our online menu to see what’s currently in stock or call and ask a budtender what’s fresh. For the quality and price-point, it’s hard to find a better brand for classic and potent strains than Originals.

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