Cannabiotix Brand Guide: Award-Winning High-THC Cannabis Flower At DTPG

By Downtown Patient Group Sunday September 26th, 2021
Cannabiotix Brand Guide: Award-Winning High-THC Cannabis Flower At DTPG

Boutique, high-end cannabis cultivator Cannabiotix, aka CBX, has brought their artisanal products back to California. Founded in Southern California back in 2014, the company left Cali for Nevada for a minute. They spent some time perfecting new strains and extraction methods. Now, CBX is in both Nevada and California, operating out of a state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles. One of the most in-demand California brands today, DTPG is your hub for the newest and freshest Cannabiotix cannabis products.

The CBX strain line includes a mind-blowing array of rare strains, heirloom classics, new exotics, and in-house exclusives like Cereal Milk, Kush Mountains, Tropicanna, and White Walker OG. And after more than twenty years spent breeding, cultivating, and hunting for the wildest strains on the planet, CBX now has enough trophies to fill a house. A CBX strain currently resides on the top five lists for many regular cannabis consumers in California.

Over 20 Years Of Growing Experience

At Cannabiotix, cultivating the best weed goes beyond growing incredible strains. They have a combined experience of over twenty years in the game. The way trimmers handle the buds at harvest is crucial to putting out a premium product. CBX always puts their flower in glass jars to lock in quality. Additionally, their “revolving-stem” trimming process means the buds are never touched by hand. After testing, buds are vacuum-sealed and stored in a perfectly controlled indoor climate until it reaches packaging and shipping.

Cannabiotix has a firm commitment to using sustainable growing practices during cultivation. CBX insists on maintaining complete control over the entire cultivation process, from harvest to distribution. CBX’s indoor grow facility carefully monitors how much energy it consumes, uses reclaimed water, and minimizes waste products.

DTPG carries an expansive selection of flower, vapes, and concentrates from Cannabiotix. Currently, you can find their best-selling strains on our shelves. Here’s a guide to all of their high-THC strains that you can buy right now from DTPG for $57.50-$60 before tax.


White Walker OG

This exclusive in-house, clone-only strain is West Coast cannabis taken to the next level. Golf ball-sized nuggets sparkle with glassy trichomes, and the nose contains zesty, lemony, and gassy notes. White Walker has racked up several awards, including 1st place Best Indica Flower in 2013’s High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup and 2015’s High Times Jamaica World Cup. In between, it made the list of High Times Top 10 Strains of 2014. This indica might send powerful waves of euphoric, relaxing energy that amplify the senses while relieving tension. This has made it popular with patients looking to potentially reduce anxiety, chronic pain, or insomnia.



Fellow CBX exclusive and award-winning Sativa Tropicanna, aka Trop, blows doors on other Sativas right out of the gate. Its tropical, citrusy, sweet-and-sour flavor and distinctive terpene profile give off tangy pineapple and fresh-squeezed orange juice aromas. Your mouth will be watering as soon as you open the jar. Its high potency at 28-32% THC makes the effects potentially energizing and clear-headed, which might help ease stress.


Kush Mountains

Kush Mountains is one of the most sought-after Cannabiotix strains and winner of 1st Place Hybrid Flower at High Times 2018 World Cannabis Cup. This Blue Flame OG and White Walker OG cross contains a robust THC potency of 25-29%. Its lavender-hued, diamond-shaped flower is thick with sparkly trichomes. The piney, gassy aroma is classic straight kush, and its candy-like flavor makes it absolutely irresistible to kush lovers. Like its medicinal kush heritage, Kush Mountains might offer a relaxing high with sedative effects ideal for pain or stress relief.


Cannabiotix GMO, aka GM-UhOh, aka Garlic Cookies, was born from a funky cross between Chemdawg and Forum Cookies. Its one-of-a-kind terpene profile gives it a pizza-like aroma of garlic, onion, and mushroomy goodness with just a hint of diesel. This Indica-dominant hybrid delightfully tastes just like it smells. The light green, orange, and purple Christmas tree buds are dripping with crystals. This potent smoke contains 32%-36% THC and might induce a state of serious sedation and tranquility. GMO may be used to relieve anxiety, chronic pain, and nausea.


Often, Downtown Patient Group (DTPG) carries Cannabiotix premium live resin concentrates. CBX  extracts come in a variety of textures and consistencies and are processed in various ways. These include cold-cured live resins, fresh-press live resin, and dry sift rosin. They also produce 510 thread carts such as their 1g L’Orange Live Resin Sauce pen that customers love for its potent tart citrus flavors. Keep an eye out on our menu for any fresh concentrate drops from this award-winning brand. 

Cannabiotix produces some of the best cannabis flower you can find in California and Nevada. Customers can trust DTPG to carry only the latest from this award-winning multi-state operator. Visit our online menu to find your favorites and place an order for pickup.

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