Baklava Strain: Exotic Earthy Vanilla Flavors And Intoxicating Highs

By Downtown Patient Group Tuesday November 2nd, 2021
Baklava Strain: Exotic Earthy Vanilla Flavors And Intoxicating Highs

Alien Labs’ Baklava strain is an exclusive offspring of two coveted strains, Kosher Kush and Gelato 41. The meticulous fusion of two legendary phenos creates a potent hybrid strain that can offer an array of balanced effects. Baklava may pack a punch, typically sitting in the high 20s when it comes to THC percentage. So while it may not be well suited for your mother’s first time trying weed, it certainly is a favorite amongst experienced tokers. Thus, we knew it was a must to keep on our shelves at Downtown Patient Group (DTPG.) 

With a pure OG gas nose stringing from the Kosher Kush genes, Baklava definitely leans on the weightier side of the scale. Alongside, its Gelato ancestors might balance the effects out with its more energizing offerings. This strain can potentially offer complete body relaxation without any cloudy brain fog. For this reason, it proves to be a go-to for any hour of the day. Baklava might be especially good for those looking for relief from pain throughout long days of work or play. In larger amounts, its potentially cerebral and body-numbing effects might leave you in a deep slumber. 

Moreover, Baklava proves to be a strong study companion due to its potentially relaxing and mind-clearing effects. As the initial rush fades, you may find that you have more focus than prior to consumption. This strain might also be great for socializing with friends and strangers alike.

Baklava Strain by Alien Labs

Upon opening the jar of Baklava flower, you are immediately met with a wave of earthy aromas and gassy tones. Stringing from the Gelato, you’ll also notice tangs of citrus and berry. While the Kosher Kush brings in its slightly spicy flavor to the mix.

As the murky, woody scent flows through your nostrils, your eyes can’t help but notice the vibrant colors blaring from within the container. At first glance, you may not even notice the pastel green that lies below the hefty layer of frosty trichomes. Additionally, the fiery orange pistils poking through the sheet of kief is reminiscent of spring flowers breaking through the melting snow. That being said, Baklava is best consumed when hand-picked as opposed to ground as to not lose the delicate THC crystals that are in nearly every crevice of the bud.

Indoor 8ths, Pre-Rolls, and 7g Smalls at DTPG

Any product from Alien Labs is guaranteed to be of the utmost quality, and Baklava is no exception. For experienced cannasseurs, this strain can not be passed up, and may even leave you feeling like the first time you got high. 

You can find Alien Labs’ Baklava strain in various forms at DTPG. If you’re looking for the full experience from the smoke to the aesthetic and scent, we suggest you cop an 8th of the indoor whole flower. If you’re looking for a larger quantity at a lower price, the Baklava strain can be purchased as packs of 7 grams of small buds. But, if you’re looking for a more convenient experience, you can purchase Baklava as pre-rolls. Whatever form of this cannabis that you choose, we guarantee a premium flavor that will have you coming back for more.

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