Alien Labs Brand Guide: Top-Shelf Exotic Flower, Pre-Rolls, and Dabs At DTPG

By Downtown Patient Group Monday September 27th, 2021
Alien Labs Brand Guide: Top-Shelf Exotic Flower, Pre-Rolls, and Dabs At DTPG

Alien Labs is well known for producing some of the hottest cannabis genetics in California. From their small buds flower jars to premium eighths, pre-rolls, and sauces—everything from Alien Labs is bursting with terps. At DTPG, we carry the freshest drops of their products to satisfy their cult-like following.

Alien Labs has never been shy about showing off their phenomenally-grown cannabis. With currently over 328k followers on Instagram, they’ve always been able to captivate an audience online. And, when your weed looks like theirs, it almost sells itself. Since the beginning, they have put the focus on taking carefully chosen and unique genetics and transforming them into something out of this world. For many of California’s cannasseurs, Alien Labs is considered the cream of the crop.

If you’re someone who has tried everything on the top shelf and is constantly searching for the most premium craft cannabis available, Alien Labs is an easy choice. Alien Labs’ founder Ted Lidie has dedicated the brand and its development to changing the landscape of the cannabis industry. With a lifetime of experience in cultivation and marketing to match, every person on their team is there for a reason. Here’s everything you need to know about their top-selling products currently available at DTPG.



Alien Labs’ Baklava strain is THE Baklava strain of California, accept no other imitators. Created as an indoor with a combination of Kosher Kush and Gelato 41 by Alien Labs’ team of experts. Baklava gives you strong aromas of both berries and citrus. Baklava also gives you a taste of diesel and sweet spices that leave you wanting more. No matter your experience level, this strain appeals to everyone. You might experience an intense euphoria from the first hit of this decadent smoke. Those that suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression might find Baklava to be a welcoming aid.

Area 41 

Another popular strain from Alien Labs is their Area 41. This strain is a killer combination of Lemon Fuel OG and Gelato 41. People love this strain for its potentially euphoric and energetic results mixed with a citrus flavor you can’t beat. Area 41 might produce a full-bodied experience reminiscent of the OG’s of days gone by. This strain is hand-selected for the fruity, tart lemon flavor it brings that’s delicious and strong. A few rips might leave you blissfully stoned and carefree. Those that suffer from pain and daytime stress might benefit from smoking this strain in small amounts.


We currently carry Alien Labs’ 1g Baklava pre-roll. As their most popular strain, this preroll has a lot to live up to. A combination of Kosher Kush and Gelato 41, it’s the perfect combination of decadent flavors and absolute gas. Strong and aromatic, the diesel and sweet spice you love in their 1/8 jars come across smooth in a RAW rolling paper.


When you want more affordable weed that’s still top-shelf quality, Alien Labs Smalls is the pack for you. These smaller buds come from the same plants as their premium eighths and possess the same delicious flavors. With the 7g Smalls pack of Baklava from Alien Labs, you are getting the best of both worlds. The smaller buds of top-shelf flower with a larger quantity of 7 grams to enjoy. With a purely original OG aroma off the top you get a smooth flavor that makes this hitter stand out. A creamy, satin-smooth gelato finish is sure to be the perfect end to any session. Providing you the same artisanal genetics as the nugs that have made them famous, this hybrid strain means business. 


Nothing beats the potency and flavor of a high-caliber concentrate. Alien Labs delivers just that, with tasty terpenes found in strains like Melonade X Cannis Major. This delectable extract brings you a true live resin sauce with fruity notes that mingle with aromatic citrus and melon. Leaving you with something sweet, this strain packs a punch and might leave you with a strong cerebral high that lightens the mood.

Opening up your senses with a zing of citrus and heavy smoke, the Melonade X Cannis Major strain is worth trying for any regular dabber. This hybrid strain originally came from Dying Breed and was brought to its full potential by Alien Labs. As if you’re biting into a spiced mango, this flavorful live resin gives you just the right amount of sweetness and savory notes. As a hybrid, you can trust in a potentially balanced effect that might get your body tingling and put your head in the clouds. 

You don’t have to search across LA to find Alien Labs products. DTPG is always proud to carry the best selection of flower, pre-rolls, smalls, and concentrates that are always out of this world. With potency and flavor that can’t be matched, Alien Labs is truly a brand worthy of world-class cannasseurs. Visit our online menu to see what’s in stock.


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