Connected Cannabis Co Guide: Designer Indoor Flower And Pre-Rolls At DTPG

By Downtown Patient Group Thursday September 30th, 2021
Connected Cannabis Co Guide: Designer Indoor Flower And Pre-Rolls At DTPG

West Coast powerhouse Connected Cannabis Co is famous for creating consistently high-quality cannabis flower and extracts. All Connected Cannabis Co products are crafted using only premium designer-strain flower that boasts top-shelf genetics. Connected Cannabis Co cultivates their indoor in a tightly protected grow environment protected from environmental factors like wind, smoke, hail, chemicals blown on the wind from other farms and agricultural projects, and other outdoor pollutants. Their proprietary cultivation and harvesting process preserves the distinctive colors, flavors, and aromas for a mind-blowing smoking experience and next-level vibes.

At DPTG, we currently stock the freshest drops of Connected’s indoor flower and delicious whole-flower pre-rolls. Keep reading to learn more about all of the Connected Cannabis Co products currently available at Downtown Patient Group (DTPG), located in LA’s industrial district.

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Indoor Flower


Connected Cannabis cultivators cooked up something extraordinary when they created The Chemist. This indoor-grown flower combines the sweet perfection of Biscotti with the funky diesel of Chem Diesel. Sage-like, earthy flavor is balanced by sugar-sweet terpenes on the intake, courtesy of Biscotti. While Chem D deposits its diesel after-burn in the nose on the exhale. Crossing Biscotti x Chem D brought out the potentially relaxing and soothing effects. The high might wrap around you like a coat, reducing anxiety and stress while potentially improving your mood.

As a micro-batch strain, The Chemist can be hard to get your hands on. DTPG tries to keep it on the shelf as much as possible. This impeccable strain might be perfect for rolling into a blunt and spending a few hours just chilling.


Connected’s Gushers is an indoor-grown cross containing Gelato and Triangle Kush genetics. This strain is named after its fruit snack namesake, and as expected, tastes fruity and sweet, with a touch of kush diesel flavor lingering underneath. At 25.9% THC and 1% CBD, this strain packs a fruity punch, thanks to its Triangle Kush parentage. Coffee-like aromas come behind the fruit-forward flavor, courtesy of Gelato.

The strain’s effects might produce a euphoric, relaxing, and uplifting sensation. The dark green buds wear a purple and white coat of sticky trichomes, and the full-spectrum hit might range from happy to deeply relaxed. Connected Cannabis Co came up with a genuinely exotic cultivar that gives other strains a run for their money.


Gushers x Biscotti is a potent Indica-dominant strain genetically engineered as “designer weed.” Both Gushers and Biscotti possess similar terpene profiles. This strain essentially doubles down on sweet citrusy Limonene aromas, Caryophyllene’s earthy, peppery taste, and a slightly musky note from low-level Myrcene. Limonene and Myrcene also lend to the strain’s potentially uplifting mood-boosting and relaxing vibes. The 80% Indica, 20% Sativa hybrid packs a potent 25.18% THC with 0.51% Delta9-THC. Its appearance is densely packed, puffy-looking, royal purple nug with scattered dark green leaves. Sparkling trichomes cover the surface and glitter like tiny diamonds in the light.

The raw flower wafts a robust and earthy aroma, but up close, it shifts to something gassy, but kind of like black rubber. At the tail end, the aroma finishes with honey-sweet notes. After grinding, this weed smells like a new strain altogether, with a lot more of that gassy rubbery aroma.

The flavor initially tastes woody and sweetly earthy with a musky hint of diesel, then sweeps into a light, fruity-sweet flavor for a smooth, bright, and even refreshing finish. With a potentially euphoric and uplifting high, Gushers x Biscotti might get you pleasantly high. The potential for a heady euphoria that resolves into relaxing bliss is incredibly high with this strain.


Another Connected Cannabis Co indoor cultivar, the popular Biscotti strain is a Cookies Fam original. This popular strain is a cross between GSC (Girl Scout Cookies), Gelato 25, and South Florida OG. The green, purple, orange, and white sticky icky looks like Christmas in a jar, and the terp aromas reach out with a tempting hazelnut/chocolate ice-creamy scent.

The flavor ranges from sweet cookies to earthy coffee to buttery with diesel undertones. Its come-get-me blingy appearance and potentially super mellow high have made it the strain to name in more hip-hop songs than maybe any other single strain. Connected Cannabis Co’s Biscotti hybrid comes heavy with a potentially smooth, amicable high that might erase anxiety and leave you with a perma-grin.

Premium Pre-Rolls

Connected Cannabis Co’s premium cannabis flower goes into their full-gram pre-rolls. Not only are these pre-rolls bursting with terpene-rich flavor, but they also burn evenly with noticeable white ash. DTPG currently carries The Chemist, Gushers, and Lemonatti pre-rolls from Connected. Lemonatti is one of their newer strains that customers can’t get enough of. A delicious cross between Biscotti and Gelonade, how could you go wrong with this cannasseur-grade strain?

As one of L.A.’s finest medical and recreational dispensaries, DTPG has you covered, no matter what your needs are. DTPG carries one of the largest selections of premium cannabis products in the Los Angeles area. You’ll always find California’s best heavy hitters in stock at our retail location at 930 South Alameda Street. Keep on the lookout for any new Connected Cannabis Co products hitting our shelves.

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