The Complete Guide To Vegan Cannabis Edibles At DTPG

By Downtown Patient Group Monday January 3rd, 2022
The Complete Guide To Vegan Cannabis Edibles At DTPG

Edibles are a popular way to consume cannabis, but not all edibles are made for everyone. Downtown Patient Group (DTPG) offers delicious vegan cannabis edibles that may help reduce anxiety, pain, nausea, and relax muscles.

If this is the first time trying edibles, cannabis users generally suggest that you take a ‘half dose’ (5mg.) Edibles may take between 30-45 min before you feel the effects and they could take up to a couple of hours for the full effect. Everybody has a different cannabis tolerance, so effects will vary based on your own body and how much cannabis you consume daily.

Whether you are interested in vegan cannabis edibles or other THC consumables, DTPG offers premium cannabis products that are tasty and effective. Continue reading to see what popular products we currently carry in-store and online for pickup.

1000mg Blueberry THC Syrup – Cannavis

DTPG carries Cannavis syrup tinctures in their extra strength 1000mg bottles. The syrups are Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, and Vegan-Friendly. They come in multiple enticing flavors such as Grape, Blueberry, Tropical Punch, Berry-Cherry, and Pineapple. Add them to drinks, pancakes, or anything you can think of that would compliment the THC syrup flavors. The new design of a bigger bottle also comes with a dosage bar, so you can control your dose precisely.


Smokiez Edibles Guide: Sweet And Sour Small-Batch Edibles At DTPG

Watermelon THC Fruit Chews – Smokiez

Smokiez tag line is “NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUMMY.” The delicious fruit chews they craft are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and contain no high fructose corn syrup. Their Watermelon THC Fruit Chews contain real ingredients and have 100mg bags with each gummy containing 10mg of THC. Smokiez edibles come in a variety of different flavors including Blackberry, Tropical, Green Apple, and Blue Raspberry.

Elderberry 1:1 CBN + Indica Enhanced Gummies – WYLD

The other biggest cannabis gummy brand in America is WYLD. They craft a number of vegan, gluten-free edibles available in California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Michigan. One of their most popular offerings is their Elderberry 1:1 CBN + Indica Enhanced Gummies. These come with 50mg of THC and 50mg of CBN per container. The potentially sedative effects of CBN working alongside THC with indica terpenes might send you off into a proper slumber. Each gummy contains 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBN with ten total gummies per container. Other flavors we carry include Huckleberry, Marionberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Pomegranate, and more. 


Camino Sours Orchard Peach “Balance” – Kiva

Another vegan gummy you can try is the Camino Sours Orchard Peach Balance. Orchard Peach Camino Sours have sharp notes of ripe peach with a blend of Indica and sativa-like terpenes. Each pack comes with 1:1 dose of THC (100mg total) and CBD (100mg total) and may have you feeling balanced and calm. Meaning, all twenty gummies will individually have 5mg servings of both THC and CBD. Kiva’s Camino gummies come in a number of other flavors we carry. Some of these are Watermelon Lemonade “Bliss,” Wild Berry “Chill,” and Wild Cherry “Excite.”


Dopest Cookie Dough – Cosmic Edibles

Hungry for cannabis cookie dough? Youtuber Dope As Yola collaborated with Cosmic Edibles to create their “Dopest Cookie Dough.” The cookie dough is made with plant-based ingredients and packed with a plethora of rainbow marshmallows and chocolate chips. Each 100MG THC container is complete with a dosing spoon to scoop out your preferred amount. Keep it refrigerated or frozen after opening to ensure freshness.

Tucked away in the industrial district is one of Los Angeles’s oldest and finest dispensaries, Downtown Patient Group. DTPG carries a variety of high-quality products and has friendly budtenders waiting to assist you with any questions. We have been cultivating on-site since 2007 and accept both medical and recreational customers. Visit our online menu below to find the best options for vegan cannabis edibles in the city.

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