Kushy Punch Guide: Deliciously Potent Cannabis-Infused Edibles At DTPG

By Downtown Patient Group Wednesday September 29th, 2021
Kushy Punch Guide: Deliciously Potent Cannabis-Infused Edibles At DTPG

Kushy Punch offers a wide range of cannabis-infused gummies packed with powerful flavor at Downtown Patient Group (DTPG.) With both full-spectrum and distillate options, Kushy Punch has risen to the top of California’s edible cannabis market. With science at the forefront of production and a focus on patient care, Kushy Punch products might benefit any recreational or medicinal cannabis user.

Consistent quality and potency mean you don’t lose out on flavor or experience. They have been providing California with their top-shelf products through creative cultivation for years. With 100% natural colors and flavors, Kushy Punch edibles have a great consistency and don’t miss on taste. Dairy-free and nut-free, each piece from the package delivers a delicious burst of mouth-watering real fruit flavors.

Each pack of Kushy Punch edibles brings you 100mg of either full-spectrum oil or high-THC distillate for under $20 before tax. They also offer gummies with varying strengths of CBD and THC. With convenient 10mg individual pieces, Kushy Punch is a discreet and microdose-friendly way to enjoy your day. Here is a complete guide to all of the cannabis-infused edibles we currently carry from them at DTPG.


Reminding you of ripe strawberries on a warm day, Kushy Punch’s Sativa Strawberry is packed with flavor. From their full-spectrum oil full of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and lipids to the powerful flavor packed into convenient bites this is the manageable full-spectrum high you might need. This sativa strain might deliver a euphoric experience for even the most seasoned cannasseur with a pleasant strawberry flavor.

With their natural flavoring, you’ll get a real strawberry taste to accompany your potentially balanced body high. By using full-spectrum cannabis oil, the potential for the entourage effect is high. This means the medicinal effects of these gummies might be longer-lasting. Creatives will enjoy the potentially gradual energizing high that these gummies might induce. 


Sweet summer nights aren’t complete without a juicy watermelon treat. Blend together real fruit flavor and full-spectrum cannabis oil and you’ve got Kushy Punch’s Indica Watermelon chews. Dripping with flavor these natural watermelon chews might give you a warm high that goes deep to alleviate insomnia, anxiety, and stress. With every chew brimming with full-spectrum oil and taste, you might find yourself becoming increasingly calm and relaxed as you eat them.

Many of our customers love microdosing the indica Watermelon gummies from Kushy Punch. Taking small amounts as your evening winds down might make it easier to fall asleep. Each 10mg piece might bringsyou closer to that relaxing, easy-going feeling you’re searching for after a long day. 


Kushy Punch’s Raspberry gummy’s sticky, sweet, and tart raspberry flavors pair perfectly with full-spectrum oil. Their hybrid blend that goes into the Raspberry flavor might provide an uplifting balance to your day. At 10mg per gummy, these might be a great way to maintain focus, energy, and clarity throughout the day.

With their premium full-spectrum oil packed with cannabinoids, flavonoids, and lipids, and real raspberry profile you’re getting the best of the best with this Kushy Punch Hybrid. The discreet nature of these gummies makes them look like a normal candy. For those that don’t like to smell like weed at work, these might be the best gummies for your 9-5.


With a name like Private Reserve, you are sure to find exclusive and exotic flavors with high potency distillate from Kushy Punch. Private Reserve is well known by its fans as  “the dab of edibles.” This gummy sits high and mighty with  95%+ pure THC distillate and a minimal cannabis taste. The Private Reserve is perfect for those that want a heavy punch but still desire real fruit flavor.

The potency of the distillate in these gummies might take effect quickly. When one of the other full-spectrum edibles isn’t cutting it, you can trust that Kushy Punch’s PR Strawberry Lemonade might provide more of a cerebral effect.


The Recover Blueberry Gummy from Kushy Punch might be your perfect partner after a long day or night. With 60mg of THC with 30mg of CBD in each package, these full-spectrum gummies might provide more healing effects than distillate. The higher dose of THC in tandem with the palpable CBD might trigger stronger anti-inflammatory effects. This tasty, all naturally flavored blueberry gummy might provide maximum healing after a long day or even longer night.

Recover is popular with athletes and those that stay active to potentially combat inflammation and relieve pain. Even if you aren’t an athlete, Recover might bring you a soothing experience for any occasion. Recover provides a deliciously delicate dose of THC that is well balanced by the potential healing powers of CBD. Get back to full power with Kushy Punch’s full-spectrum 2:1 Raspberry “Recover” gummies.


If you’re conscious of the amount of sugar and artificial flavors you put in your body, Kushy Punch has something exciting for you. The regular line of  Kushy Punch’s gummies is always low sugar, low calorie, and made with all-natural flavors and colors. They know there are patients with diverse needs including issues with sugars and flavorings. Bringing you top efficiency in its delivery, you’ll find the Sugar Free Sativa is naturally sweetened with monk fruit. 

Match that with the tropical, tangy flavor of lychee fruit, and signature full-spectrum cannabis oil, and you get the premier cannabis-infused sugar-free gummy. The Sativa Sugar-Free gummy is perfect for anyone on a low sugar diet, or those living with diabetes or heart disease who still want to experience a potentially full-bodied high. At 2.5 calories per dose and a deliciously sweet sugar-free flavor, Kushy Punch truly has a product for everybody.

Downtown Patient Group (DTPG) is the most convenient place in LA to find all of your favorite Kushy Punch edibles. We make sure to never run out of customer favorites like their delicious edibles. Visit our online menu to find out what’s fresh and place your order for in-store pickup.

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