Green Dragon Guide: Award-Winning, High-THC Cannabis Flower At DTPG

By Downtown Patient Group Friday October 22nd, 2021
Green Dragon Guide: Award-Winning, High-THC Cannabis Flower At DTPG

Green Dragon is one of the most reliable and consistently high-testing flower brands at DTPG. The longstanding California company offers top-quality products grown in their state-of-the-art cultivation facilities. While the flower remains premium at all times, the prices remain fair. This made it a no-brainer when making the choice to offer this brand at our dispensary.

As a cannabis company in business since 2005, Green Dragon undoubtedly has their cultivation practices down pat. A vertically integrated company, they’ve become known for selling premium clones at their NoHo dispensary. With a reliable and mostly automated process that produces consistently premium bud, these premier growers are able to offer their products at accessible prices. Not to mention, Green Dragon’s flower is consistently potent, ranging from the mid-20s to low-30s in THC percentages.

The proof of quality lies in the many awards Green Dragon has received for their flower. Between three Cannabis Cup awards, a High Times award for highest potency, and five championships from The Hemp Connoisseur, there is no doubt GD is dependable.

If you’re looking to buy premium weed but your wallet doesn’t agree, look no further than Green Dragon flower. DTPG currently carries a number of GD flower products that have quickly proven to be customer favorites. Here are four of them that have caught a buzz at our dispensaries.



The Chillato experience is right in its name. Before inhaling this creamy Gelato cut, you’ll probably want to double-check what the rest of your day looks like. You may quickly be met with deep relaxation, making it an ideal post-work go-to. While Chillato leans heavily indica, for experienced users, this strain might not leave you on the couch dreaming, but rather ready for some chill activities.

The exceptionally dense buds lean prominently dark purple, with moss-like patches throughout, as well as dashes of orange hairs. While many strain names have no correlation to its look or effects, Chillato certainly does. Aloft the layers of purple, green, and orange lies an impressive sheet of kief, visually confirming its nearly 30% THC potency.

Mamba Mints

Mamba Mints is one of Green Dragon’s most unique and exotic strains. This powerful indica descends from exclusive lineage. It is a cross between Mamba and a not-yet-announced cut of the Mint family. This strain has been seen upwards of 38% in total cannabinoids, resting at around 31% in total THC. Bred only by Green Dragon, this strain only finds its way to select markets. We are extremely grateful to offer it to our customers at DTPG.

When first met with Mamba Mints you will immediately be drawn to its sweet and piney scent. No matter how gently you pick up these nugs, kief will engulf the tips of your fingers. Upon inhaling, its creamy citrus flavors flash you back to your childhood family trip when trying desserts like Key Lime Pie and Lemon Meringue. A few puffs might set you into a blissful and euphoric relaxation that caps an evening perfectly.

Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus may only be something you’ve heard your aunt say, but upon consuming this potent strain, you may find yourself exclaiming the same. This exciting strain is a phenotype of Jesus OG, which is a cross between Jack the Ripper and Hell’s OG. This lineage creates a sativa-dominant cut that potentially has a lot to offer to daytime consumers.

Sweet Jesus may offer a euphoric and invigorating high, pairing well with creative activities. Have a painting you’ve been meaning to finish? Sweet Jesus might be your creative fuel. It may even motivate you to start a whole new painting, drawing inspiration from its citrus and berry aromas. Not the creative type? Sweet Jesus may also inspire the more active type of consumers to go outside and enjoy the day.


Derived from London and Cake Mix, the R.I.C.O strain is dubbed as unforgettable and a favorite of many. Upon opening the jar, you will be met with a strong gassy yet sweet aroma. Very apparently stringing from its genetics, R.I.C.O holds an almost cakey scent and flavor to it. 

As an indica, this strain can potentially mellow you out but also may offer other balanced effects. Rather than a sleepy mellow, R.I.C.O can potentially promote more productivity and focus. You can expect this strain to sit in the 20s when it comes to the THC percentage.

As one of L.A.’s finest medical and recreational dispensaries, DTPG has you covered, no matter what your needs are. DTPG carries one of the largest selections of premium cannabis products in the Los Angeles area. You’ll always find California’s best heavy hitters in stock at our retail location at 930 South Alameda Street. Keep on the lookout for any new Green Dragon products hitting our shelves.

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