Foreign Brand Guide: Luxury Cannabis Flower At DTPG

By Downtown Patient Group Monday November 8th, 2021
Foreign Brand Guide: Luxury Cannabis Flower At DTPG

Foreign is one of the newest luxury California brands on the competitive cannabis scene. They have already been turning a lot of heads in the community for a number of reasons. Foreign is favored by prominent artists and experienced smokers for its high THC content flower and premium quality. You can find select products and high-potency flower from the hard-to-find Foreign brand at DTPG seven days a week.

DPTG is one of LA’s premiere cannabis companies offering top-shelf cannabis since 2006. We have our brand vetting process down to a science. When it comes to choosing brand offerings, DTPG selects only the best of the best California brands for our loyal customers. Discerning cannabis consumers value DTPG’s wide selection of premium flower and other top-of-the-line cannabis products such as Foreign.

With the Foreign brand, you’ll get high THC content paired with tasty terpene profiles and rare seed genetics. This results in an exclusive smoke you won’t find at other dispensaries in LA. And, DTPG’s everyday affordable prices get even better with special deals and discounts on the state’s best weed.

The Foreign brand prides itself on “Bringing Luxury to Cannabis Industry.” This is weed for cannabis culture from cannabis culture. As they say, if it ain’t FOREIGN, it’s borin’.



Foreign’s Black Ice strain might take you for a wild ride. Growers at The Moon Seeds in Spain initially cultivated this hybrid by crossing Black Domina with White Widow. Aromatic buds give off a gassy diesel scent and smell faintly of sweet-and-sour berry complemented by earthy, woody undertones. The indica-dominant Black Ice hybrid can contain 19% to 24% THC content, but Foreign’s Black Ice weighs in at a solid 23.4%. This cozy strain potentially delivers heavy body-calming effects and might be most enjoyable in the evening. Fans of Black Ice report feeling potentially relaxed, happy, and sleepy.


The Panna strain is Foreign’s take on the extremely popular Ice Cream Cake pheno. Oozing with creamy and delicious sweet, sour, and nutty terps, this strain is a heavy hitter at 30% THC. Typically, Ice Cream Cake phenos sit more around the 23-25% mark. Foreign kicked their Panna strain up a notch to provide potent flavors with a serious kick. This strain smokes incredibly smooth and may provide euphoric and uplifting highs. Eighths of this luxurious weed come in at $66.25 before tax.


This exotic strain gives off extremely gassy aromas and might producing heavy calming and euphoric effects and stress-relieving properties at $66.25 for 1/8 ounce. Keep a sharp eye out for Foreign’s 19FOREIGN2 strain because it’s as rare as it is dank. One whiff of the bag might send you into serious bliss.

For all of the freshest drops from Foreign, visit DTPG’s online menu. We are one of the few retailers in the state that carry this new and premium brand. Follow their Instagram to stay in the know about any new partnerships or exclusive drops.

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