The Complete Guide To Buying Cannabis Vape Products At DTPG

By Downtown Patient Group Saturday November 6th, 2021
The Complete Guide To Buying Cannabis Vape Products At DTPG

Tucked away in downtown LA’s industrial district is Downtown Patient Group (DTPG,) one of California’s OG cannabis dispensaries, serving recreational and medical cannabis consumers. You’ll find a vast selection of the best-selling vape products at DTPG.

DTPG was one of the earliest growers and retailers on the cannabis scene, cultivating top-shelf in-house flower since 2007. The 60,000 square foot facility offers a ton of options for all your cannabis cravings, and you’ll find the most popular strains in flower, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, and more.

We are continuously stocked with the best vape products available for all experience levels. Friendly and knowledgable budtenders are always eager to answer questions and help you find your heart’s desire. And pocket-friendly prices will keep you coming back to browse the vast selection of premium cannabis products again and again.

If you’re looking for the best vapes in Los Angeles, DTPG has the newest strains from your favorite California cannabis brands. Here’s a look at some of the best-selling vape brands at DTPG.

Vape Oils – What’s The Difference?

The methods of extraction and distillation make the most significant difference when it comes to vaporizer oils. Distillates, live resin, and rosin vary in potency, flavor, and spectrum availability, depending on the refinement process. And while cannabis effects are inherent with each type, the length, strength, and specific results may vary.

STIIZY’s live resin cartridges are a favorite of dab-lovers, as they preserve the flower’s terpenes and cannabinoids for a full-spectrum high. STIIIZY also creates an expansive line of premium distillate Pods.

PLUGplay’s distillate vapes use pure, botanically-derived terpenes and deliver more robust flavors and high THC content. 

The Cure Company has one of the most potent lines of distillate cartridges with botanically-derived terpenes you can find in California.

Raw Garden’s Refined Live Resin comes from freshly-frozen flower, so it tastes as close to the original strain as you can get in cannabis oil. 

DTPG offers a full range of vape products at our downtown LA dispensary located in the industrial district.


Guide To Best-Selling Vape Brands At DTPG


The DNA in PLUG DNA stands for “Daytime, Nighttime, Anytime,” and these strains are just that—potentially suitable for any time. The best-selling PLUG DNA vape at DTPG is their new release—GSC. NorCal’s famous Cookies brand initially created GSC, originally called Girl Scout Cookies, around 2012 by crossing everybody’s favorite OG Kush with Cookies’ own F1 Durban Poison for a sativa-dominant hybrid. This stocky, busy plant blooms with potent, spade-shaped flower covered in lavender hairs. Also, check out PLUG DNA in Train Wreck, Just Jack, King Louie, and Fire OG for more premium distillates.


PLUGplay’s EXOTICS line offers up some of the best classic exotic strains in a tight modern package. This Grape Ape Soda comes in a convenient cartridge that magnetically attaches to your PLUGplay vape pen. This pure and flavorful oil serves up the tasty grape flavors you love in one of the best old-school strains still on the market. Strong notes of grape soda come out on the inhale followed by a potentially balanced high with mellow cerebral and strong euphoric effects. The Indica-dominant hybrid is a cross of Skunk, Mendocino Purps, and classic Afghani cultivated by Apothecary Genetics in California since 2004. Other popular PLUG EXOTICS at DTPG include Strawberry Champagne, Apple Slushie, and that JUICE.

The Cure Company

The Cure Company has recently come out with a wide array of top-shelf distillate vapes. These powerful one-gram ceramic 510 thread carts come brimming with flavor. They contain natural, food-grade botanical terpenes and the cleanest, most potent distillate that they refine in-house in Downtown LA.

Some of the most popular flavors we carry at DTPG when it comes to The Cure Company’s distillate carts include Mochi, Cool Mintz, and Honey Dew. Each of these carts contains over 90% THC and might be the easiest and most discreet way to catch an enjoyable buzz.

Live Resin

Guide To Best-Selling Vape Brands At DTPG

Raw Garden

Raw Garden’s Apple Fritter #74 is a Sour Apple x Animal Cookies Hybrid is crafted from pure cannabis flower that is flash-frozen immediately after harvest to protect the flavor, terpene profile, and potency. The famed company never uses fillers, additives, or artificial flavors. Their vape cartridges must meet rigorous testing and quality standards before ever hitting the shelf.

The high quality and production standards result in the tastiest vapes around. The Apple Fritter #74 Refined Live Resin™ cartridge is an excellent example of their top-of-the-line products. Cultivated in Northern California’s eponymous wine regions, the sweet-tasting Apple Fritter is created in the wine regions of Northern California by Lumpy’s Flowers. It’s one of the most potent strains available in the state. A high THC content gives this strawberry-apple flavored indica-dominant strain a steady, potentially relaxing high with euphoric overtones that may stimulate conversation. Try Cake Breath and Creamberry for more live resin options by Raw Garden.

Guide To Best-Selling Vape Brands At DTPG


Another master at extraction, STIIIZY prides itself on being more than another California cannabis company. It’s a lifestyle brand. Its sleek, modern vape pens hold some of the state’s best cannabis oil. Extracting both distillate and live resin, they provide a wealth of vaping options. Their methodology results in a true-to-flower taste profile and a potentially potent high.

STIIZY’s Live Resin is crafted in small batches and is available seasonally until it runs out. As one of the best-selling vape pens at DTPG, Banana Pie goes fast. This cross of Key Lime Pie with Banana OG and OG Kush comes courtesy of Crockett Family Farms. Fruit-forward flavors of berries and tropical fruits mingle with skunky herbal, spicy undertones. Tokers may expect a giggly, relaxed high that can bring on the munchies. Make sure you have snacks on hand. For another best-selling STIIIZY live resin, try Chem Reserve and Platinum Cookies.

The Complete Guide To Buying Cannabis Vape Products At DTPG

For the most reliable distillate vapes on the market, try any of their original STIIIZY Pods like Granddaddy Purple, OG Kush, and Biscotti in 1/2 or full gram sizes.

If you’re looking for the most consistent dispensary in Los Angeles for premium vape products, DTPG is your hub. We’re happy to guide you through finding the best vape products for your needs. Visit our online menu to find out what’s currently in stock and don’t be afraid to call and ask questions.

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