The Complete Guide To Buying Cannabis Edibles At DTPG

By Downtown Patient Group Friday October 29th, 2021
The Complete Guide To Buying Cannabis Edibles At DTPG

Cannabis edibles like candies, cookies, tinctures, beverages, and chocolates may provide slightly different effects from smoking or vaping. Getting the proper dosage for your needs can be tricky. Our budtenders at DTPG have been serving California’s best products since 2006 and can help you find your ideal product and dose. There are several reasons why people choose cannabis edibles that we’ll outline with recommendations from our dispensary in this handy guide.

Why Choose Edibles Instead Of Vaping Or Smoking?

Eating or drinking cannabis-infused products may result in more potent, longer-lasting effects than toking. There are several reasons this could be the case:

  1. Originally, researchers believed there was a direct correlation between how long an individual vaped and their final psychoactive dose (or “cannabinoid profile.”) It now appears that how you ingest cannabis also influences potency!
  2. Eating or drinking cannabis may delay the buzz because the THC has to go through your digestive tract and into your bloodstream before it can click into THC receptors in the body and brain. 
  3. The human body is comprised of many systems that interact with one another; for example, the brain and digestive system influence each other because they both communicate through food intake. So, when you consume a pot cookie instead of inhaling smoke, signals are received more clearly, potentially elevating the length and strength of the edible high.
  4. Edibles at DTPG may provide different kinds of effects than inhaling cannabis. Some people experience very different results when eating or drinking cannabis products than when they smoke or vape. Effects also depend on the strain used in each edible.
  5. Edibles infused with live resin may provide more of a full-spectrum effect than those made with distillates.

Smokiez Edibles Guide: Sweet And Sour Small-Batch Edibles At DTPG

Edibles And Potential Health Benefits

Cannabis edibles are incredible for people who want an intense experience with their cannabis. Edible products typically contain higher concentrations of CBD, which is why they’re more likely to provide more medical benefits than recreational flower strains and concentrates in some cases.

Cannabis edibles are more popular than ever before due to specific benefits, including extended, more balanced highs, measurable doses, and enhanced health and medical benefits. At DTPG, we carry medical-grade marijuana products and recreational cannabis in various edible options like cookies, brownies, candy, and more.

With edibles, you can control your dose more easily than with products like flower or concentrates. Micro-dosing is ideal for people who don’t want an overwhelming effect from their weed. This means taking small amounts of THC in edible form so that your overall effects might remain mild or even unnoticeable.


Microdosing with edibles might provide mild effects that help reduce anxiety and improve the perception of good mental health.

Many people consume small amounts of edibles in public settings to potentially reduce their stress levels. Athletes might microdose throughout the day for pain management and avoid smoking flower for the sake of their lungs.

Cannabis edibles may provide a wide array of effects, including enhanced pain relief, improved mood, and stress relief. They can also help you feel more creative and focused while enhancing your sense of well-being and gratitude.

Finding Your Best Dose

There are no one-size-fits-all recommendations for edible product dosage. The best way to know if your body will respond well to a particular dose is by trying it out and seeing how that makes you feel. There is less risk of adverse side effects when using cannabis edibles from DTPG, as all our products are carefully measured to ensure consistent and accurate dosing.

All edibles at DTPG are labeled with the exact amount of THC each product contains. The best way to find your perfect balance is by starting with a low dose. Like nano gummy candies for example, which only have 2.5 mg per piece. We recommend eating one and waiting 1 ½ hour before consuming more.


Smokiez Edibles Guide: Sweet And Sour Small-Batch Edibles At DTPG

Smokiez Fruit Chews

Smokiez makes premium products that don’t sacrifice taste for potency. Get the freshest Smokiez Edibles drops at DTPG in downtown LA. Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Dairy-Free Smokiez Edibles are second to none. Customers come back to DTPG again and again to their stash of Smokiez’ popular Infused Fruit Chews.

Kushy Punch Guide: Deliciously Potent Cannabis-Infused Edibles At DTPG

Kushy Punch

Offering a choice of full-spectrum and distillate options, Kushy Punch has risen to the top of California’s edible cannabis market. Kushy Punch uses 100% natural colors and flavors. Their nut-free, dairy-free, fruit-infused gummies have a consistent quality and juicy flavor that consumers come back craving. DTPG stocks a variety of Kushy Punch cannabis-infused gummies packed with natural fruit flavor in our downtown LA dispensary.


Kanha’s premium gummies are made with the highest quality cannabis oils. They are scientifically extracted and infused to provide a consistent dose. Coming in a variety of flavors such as watermelon, strawberry, and pineapple, each bag has 10 pieces totaling 100mg of THC. Some flavors like their Blue Raspberry have options for 1:1:1 ratios of CBD:CBN:THC.


Available in multiple states, WYLD creates America’s favorite gummies. Their enhanced cannabis gummies are available in a myriad of flavors and strengths such as 1:1 and 2:1 CBD:THC. Customers love their 100mg Marionberry and Huckleberry flavors that are only $15 before tax.


Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley’s ReLeaf Tincture comes with 1:3 CBD:THC which might produce more anti-inflammatory effects. They’re known for crafting a number of cannabis products that you don’t smoke. This tincture in particular contains a higher amount of THC to potentially create a more substantially healing effect.


For those seeking the more recreational side of cannabis tinctures, Cannavis is your best bet. These cannabis-infused syrups come with either 600mg or 1,000mg of THC and a number of tasty flavors. If you infuse a soda with a little bit of this “weed lean,” it might prove to be quite intoxicating. Try their Pineapple, Blueberry, Grape, or Lemon Lime flavors for $25-40 before tax.



Kiva Confections produce some of California’s most sought-after cannabis edibles. Their chocolate bars have always been a crowd favorite, coming in a variety of flavors. Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Churro Milk Chocolate, and Toffee Crunch Dark Chocolate are just a few delicious offerings they create. Each bar comes with 100mg of THC from their handmade, cold water cannabis extract.


NUG is responsible for a wide variety of cannabis products, chocolate included! The chocolate bars they produce are vegan and come with 100mg of THC per bar. Flavors we carry include Salted Almond and Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate. NUG’s chocolate bars are only $12 each before tax and make for a convenient treat that might improve your mood.


Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops

Lagunitas is known nationwide for its best-selling alcoholic beverages, but they’ve also come into the cannabis space a few years ago. Their Hi-Fi Hops is a sparkling beverage made with zero calories and zero carbs. It contains a low dosage of 10mg of THC per beverage with a little over 2mg of CBD. Each beverage is infused with THC from high-quality sun-grown cannabis at AbsoluteXtracts. The hops in their Reverb drink give off tropical, fruity, citrus, and floral notes. A few sips might create an invigorating experience.

Kwik Ease/Zzzs

Manzanita Naturals creates different 2-ounce “Kwik” beverages. Coming in different flavors and moods, each Kwik shot has 100mg of THC in 2 fluid ounces. With flavors like Pineapple Express (Kwik Ease) and Kushberry (Kwik Zzzs,) Manzanita offers strain-specific flavors and the potential mood it’ll give you. Our customers love the Kwik Zzzs shots for their delicious berry flavor and potentially sedative effects.


Easily the leading cannabis-infused soda brand in California, KEEF won Best Edible at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015. At only $6 each before tax, these infused sodas come with tremendous flavor and 10mg of THC. Try flavors like Bubba Kush Root Beer or Blue Razz if you’re new to cannabis for a potentially light and pleasant experience.

Munchie Mondays

Don’t forget about Munchie Mondays at DTPG! Each Monday, customers get 10% off all edible products. DTPG is your hub for the most cutting-edge cannabis edibles in Los Angeles. Check our online menu for the latest offerings from our outstanding brands.

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